Magazines / Journals

'.Cent', issue 15, 'Sense of Purpose', The Keith Reilly Issue,
Spring/Summer 2010

'.Cent', issue 13, 'The Spaces in Between', Fabris Lane Supplement, The Greyworld Issue,
Spring/Summer 2009

'.Cent', issue 9, The Family and Community Issue,
Spring/Summer 2007

'.Cent', issue 8, 'Whimsy', The Stephen Jones Issue,
Autumn 2006

'.Cent', issue 7, 'Reach Out & Touch', The Paul Priestman Issue,
Summer 2006

'.Cent', issue 6, 'Memories', The Jules Wright Issue,
Spring 2006

'.Cent', issue 5, 'It's the Little Things', The Betty Jackson Issue,
Autumn/Winter 2005